Drip Tips by Big


How the Business all began

‘Big’ (aka Colin) quit smoking and after trying cold turkey needed something to help give up the stinkies.  After visiting a local vape shop he started with the classic Nautilus and Istick combo and then began his vaping journey.

We happened to have a very old lathe in the workshop and so he started making a few basic drip tips for our own use.  After showing them to a few vape friends our local shops asked if we could make some for them to sell….. and from here Drip Tips by Big was created.

Drip Tips by Big goes BIG

A few months later the Goblin Mini was released and Colin was asked if he could create a drip tip that didn’t fall out…. a prototype was sent to a well known reviewer, the rest, as they say, is history.

Birth of Custom Drip Tips

After creating the Goblin Mini drip tip we were inundated with requests for custom drip tips for to match customers own mods and atomizers, and from there we created a catalogue of acrylics for customers to choose from.  All the time trying our very best to match the colour or pattern as closely as possible.

2017 Piston Squonk Mod

With the squonking revolution Big has designed his own squonk mod using a 20700 battery for long life with a smooth finish feeling comfortable in the hand.

Drip Tips by Big Youtube

And now the magic of Drip Tips by Big starts here

If you like the post please head over to the shop so that you can browse our drip tips that you may like to purchase.

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