handmade acrylic drip tips

Covid 19 – Strange Times

The phrase ‘unprecedented times’ is all we hear on our news channels at the moment.

Undoubtedly the global economy will change dramatically and we will all see changes on a scale we don’t yet appreciate.

However, there is always a ray of hope, we are seeing our communities help our health services, charities, and most importantly – each other.  Lets hope that this spirit of love continues long after the virus, something positive to come after the storm.

The advice is to stay home and stay safe and we are following this from our little workshop!  (Although the choice of pod-casts is a bone of contention!)

When you buy a new tip they have all been cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner but please do wash them again in warm soapy water (just like your hands!)  Please don’t use bleach or harsh cleaning products as they damage the acrylic.  If you prefer you can use the type of fluid for cleaning baby bottles.

Be Safe everyone and we’ll see you on the other side.


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